Mina Kimes inks huge ESPN contract worth $1.7 million per year



ESPN analyst Mina Kimes recently signed a new contract with the network worth a whopping 1.7 million dollars per year.

However, this news was met with criticism from some social media users who questioned her qualifications for the job. 

The new contract will also give Kimes some security and end her free agency, as ESPN was hoping to lock up their top talent through their Super Bowl year in 2026-27

Before the new deal, Kimes was making less than $1 million per year

This deal, along with her podcast deal with Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions, will bring her earnings to over $2 million per year

She will continue to appear on "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz". and the podcast, produced by Omaha Productions.

Her role with ESPN will remain the same, appearing on NFL Live and other shows.

Kimes started her career in business journalism at Fortune Small Business Magazine and later joined Bloomberg News as an investigative reporter.

Kimes married Nick Sylvester in 2015, and they live in Los Angeles with their dog, Lenny. Read More at Fameinside.com